COFES Keynotes

2016: Andrew Hessel: Viral Engineering
2016: Tom Crumm: Decisions & Strategy – “Observations of an Insider”
2016: Mark Anderson: What to Expect for the Next Year

2015: David Brin: The murky road ahead: from an Internet of Things to human augmentation and AI… Looking beyond the five year ROI horizon
2015: Bo Burlingham: Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top

2014: Paul Saffo: Cultivating Foresight: Seeing Clearly Amidst Exponential Change
2014: George Dyson: 2020 Vision: Why the Technology of Prediction keeps getting better while the Prediction of Technology lags behind
2014: Peter Marks: Nurturing the Future

2013: Zander Rose: Resilient by Design
2013: Esther Dyson: When Exceptions Become the Rule

2012: Alan Kay: Rethinking Design, Risk, and Software
2012: Richard Riff: The Intersection of Design and Risk

2011: John Gage: "But Can It Slice a Pineapple?" The Future of Networked Design, and Future Design for Networks
2011: John Voeller: The New Complexity - Its Nature and Proximity

2010: Omid Moghadam: From Product Informatics to Bioinformatics
2010: Bo Burlingham: Got Mojo?

2009: Chuck House: Innovative Engineering for a Disruptive Time
2009: Joel Orr: Remembering the Future
2009: Peter Marks: Blindspotting

2008: Karl Ulrich: Extreme-Value Innovation
2008: Mills Davis: Innovation and the Web
2008: Terry Swack: Making Stuff Sustainably

2007: Bruce Sterling
2007: Brad Holtz: Industry Update

2007: Jesse Devitte: Is the engineering world really flat? The challenges and opportunities of globalization

2006: Alan Cooper
2006: Alan Behrens: Global Market Perspective
2006: Mike Tanner: A Model for Applied Innovation

2005: David Weinberger: Miscellany Is the Mother of Invention
2005: Peter Marks: Engineering the Intangible

2004: John Koza: Genetic Programming: Software's Next Big Step
2004: Peter Marks: Engineering in an Outsourced World

2003: Alan Kay
2003: Jeff Harrow: The Pace of Change is Increasing -- Dramatically! 

2002: Eric Drexler: Bits, Atoms, and Design
2002: Mike Tanner: An Insider's Outside Perspective on the PLM Market
2002: Joel Orr: Engineering Software in Context

2001: Dick Morley
2001: Peter Marks: Knowledge Turns

2000: Planned - David Farber
2000: Peter Marks: Web Wiring versus Human Wiring: The Future of Engineering Software