Agenda: Saturday, May 17, 2003

Continental breakfast, open seating. Attire for COFES is weekend casual (no suits); shirts with collars; sandals or sneakers. Shorts are okay.  
Morning Kickoff
Your hosts set the stage for the day’s activities.
Keynote: The Pace of Change is Increasing -- Dramatically! 
    A new form of "Convergence" is emerging, which promises to evolve into something that will make the results of the first wave of Convergence seem insignificant. (The first wave of convergence, which has dramatically changed how we work, live, and play, was the coming together of Computing, Consumer electronics, Content, and Communications.)

This new form of Convergence holds the potential to change almost everything--including your customers' needs and desires, and hence your very business. And its impact on engineering tools will be profound. Individuals and many businesses who ignored the first Convergence became road-kill by the side of the Information Highway

The rules are changing again--all the rules. Whether you use or make engineering software, the sooner you understand this, the better-positioned you will be to profit from this change.

Jeff Harrow, Principal, The Harrow Group

Jeff Harrow, now Principal at The Harrow Group, has been the chief technologist for the Corporate Strategy Groups of both Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation.  He began his IT career at a large aerospace company where he designed and implemented the first color-graphic Executive Information System, and then led the transition from a batch-oriented mainframe administrative computing environment to a 1,000+ terminal interactive distributed computing environment. He joined Digital to implement the first Network Planning and Installation business in the Southern Region, and later moved into the Services organization to work on network and network management products and services.

Jeff invented and implemented the first iconic network management prototype for DECnet networks, and he now works with many businesses and industry groups to help them better understand the strategic implications of our contemporary and future computing environments.

As the author and editor of the Web-based multimedia technology journal and Webcast originally known as the "Rapidly Changing Face of Computing", Jeff has shared his fascination with technology, and his sense of wonder at the innovations and trends of contemporary computing and the technologies that drive them, with people across the globe for more than eighteen years.  (The Webcast audio version was the first and is the longest-running weekly Web-based "radio" technology program.) 

Each issue of his report is available to read, as well as to listen to at Here is a sample link to one issue's multimedia content:

Design and Engineering is Where Value Goes In

Engineering-software technology plays a critical role in our world-wide economic strength and standard of living. For most projects/products, 90% of the degrees of freedom are fixed by the time a project leaves the design and engineering.

Unfortunately, our $12B engineering-software industry is so small compared to the multi-trillion dollar world manufacturing and construction industries that it is too often ignored at the level of the corporate boardroom.

In this interactive planning session we discuss the situation and a means by which we can grab the attention at the boardroom level. The ultimate goal is for this increase awareness to increase the willingness of corporate boards and owners to invest in engineering-software technology to enhance their competitiveness and improve their top-line performance.

David Weisberg, Chief Industry Strategist, Cyon Research
Joel Orr, Vice-President & Chief Visionary, Cyon Research

A lively discussion of where and how the industry can improve and build itself into a more dominant technological and innovative presence.

Sponsored by Open DWG Alliance
Poolside Meetings
We have set up rooms for meetings with a tight focus directed at specific groups of attendees. These 90-minute focused discussions surround a secluded poolside meeting place along with  the vendors' Technology-Suites.
Issue Focus Meetings   Vendor Appointments
Meeting rooms set up in suites around the pool, each with a different issue to discuss. Also, meetings among common groups.

Cyon Research is currently conducting research on user issues in engineering and design. That research forms the basis for the issue topics for these group discussions.

User Group Roundtable - meeting among representatives of major user groups to discuss common issues and providing customer benefit. Representatives from boards of COE, PLM World, PTC/USER, AUGI, etc.

Interoperability - The one topic on the minds of all. What can we do about it? 

Architecture - We've moved the conversation from CAD to BIM. What will it take to get to the point where we can focus on design and not the tools?

Web viewer roundtable - meeting among Web viewing vendors to discuss common issues. Vendors expected to participate in this discussion include: EDS, PTC, Web3D Consortium, Tech Soft America, Open HSF Advisory Council, Informative Graphics and others

Manufacturing - CAD still doesn't carry all the information needed to manufacture. Why not? What's missing and how do we bridge the gap?

Business strategy - What do we need to do today to lay the groundwork for technologies that will soon be on our doorstep? And how do we get the CEO/CFO to grasp the urgency and necessity of that investment of resources.

Managing Change - The biggest problem on most firms' hit list (with the possible exception of interoperability) is dealing with increasing rates of change. We can absorb massive change to technology, as long as we don't have to change the way we do business. Changing business processes, on the other hand, is absolutely required and exceedingly difficult to accomplish. And takes years.

Many attendees (vendors and others) will be showcasing their strategic visions at COFES. These are private "Technology-Suites" for conversations about technology and strategic futures. 

COFES2003 will set up appointments in the Technology-Suites for attendees, based on the information you provide in the registration form, to match you with the suites that hold the technologies and companies that will interest you. Your schedule will be given to you when you arrive. There are limited number of pre-assigned appointments. During the Thursday evening reception you will have the opportunity to expand your schedule.

The following vendors have already signed up to participate in COFES2003 with Technology-Suites, as of March 17, 2003: 

Appointment times: 11:00, 11:25, 11:50, and 12:15


Lunch and Remarks
Executive Briefings   Vendor Appointements
Peter Marks
Managing Director
Design Insight

Pete Marks has always been one of our highest rated keynote speakers. This year, we asked him to cover new information relevant to today's recessionary times. Peter's point is that great products are the engine of economic growth. This year --- a half dozen ways to help companies create great new products and services --- and restore growth to the economy.

Jack Ring
Innovation Management

There is a major transition about to happen in how designers interact with their “problem space” and the design process. This executive briefing will shed light on the trends leading up to this and explore the implications.

Jay Vleeschhouwer
Merrill Lynch

A look at the outlook for the product development and design infrastructure market, from the perspective of the investment community. Why is this technology important for the companies that develop and sell it, and for their customers? We will discuss the performance of the companies in this market, and key essential business and technology issues that will shape the success of this emerging area.

Private, scheduled appointments in the Technology-Suites

Appointment times: 1:40, 2:05, 2:30, 2:55

Mike Tanner
Managing Director
The Chasm Group

Mike will speak about the predictability of boom and bust cycles in technology, the current issues facing vendors and customers in the enterprise software markets, and the opportunities presented as we come out of the current technology down-cycle.

Dave Burdick
Collaborative Visions

Most technologies and strategies have been too narrowly focused on tools and capabilities for the individual engineer. In order for corporations to develop and deliver continuous innovation they will need to completely re-think the processes and technology framework required. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a business strategy that is focused on addressing this "big picture" problem. We’ll discuss a strategic framework for architecting and implementing a PLM strategy, including six major imperatives: Alignment, Collaboration, Technology, Innovation, Lifecycle Opportunity and Intellectual Property.


Break (conference foyer)
Sponsored by The CAD Society
Second Congress: Users Speak Out

Cyon Research has spent months interviewing users to gain a better understanding of the issues that are at the forefront of the users' minds. This working congess is an open forum to explore those strategic and tactical issues faced by users. The congress format is a moderated discussion among users and vendors.

The questions raised by users in our investigation are posed to the users in the congress. Users will have the opportunity to address these questions and raise issues of their own to the vendor community. Each will get to pose questions to the others, not only to get their own points across, but to understand the perspective on the other side. The purpose of these discussions is to form a consensus on the issues faced, and direction on strategic planning, and promote further dialog.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Congress   AEC Congress

Moderated by

Evan Yares
Vice-President & CIO
Cyon Research



Moderated by

Joel Orr
Vice-President & Chief Visionary
Cyon Research


Reception (at the Terraza in front of the tent)
7:00 -
Dinner, Results from the Congress, and Awards
Dinner, with a keynote during dessert. Followed immediately by the closing session of COFES2003, including and The CAD Society Industry Awards. Music afterwards.