Agenda: Thursday, April 20, 2006

Noon Registration and Badge Pick-up Opens

Attire for COFES is weekend casual (no suits); shirts with collars; sandals or sneakers. Shorts are okay.

Special Session: Executive Briefing on Visual Journalism

Eileen Clegg
Visual Insight

Executive briefing on visual journalism. What is it. Why it matters. What you need to know to take advantage of it. 

On the walls surrounding the COFES sessions, murals will be unfolding on 4’ by 8’ paper to document the presentations and discussions among presenters and participants. The murals serve as tools for communicating the “gestalt” of abstract ideas, opening further discussion, and recording group memory.  Visual journalist Eileen Clegg will create these visuals to capture out the tacit knowledge, intuition, unspoken themes, and creative ideas of the COFES event.  The murals will then be digitally photographed for the COFES website.

Why visuals? As cognitive psychology explains more of the mystery behind how images work on the human brain, visual communication increasingly is understood as a powerful strategic tool for organizations. Researchers have found through empirical studies that people can more quickly integrate and act on information when it is presented visually. Graphics function to create a literal “space” for information in a way that allows people to see patterns and relationships between ideas. COFES participants will have the opportunity to use visuals to see their own group-thinking, while becoming acquainted with this future-oriented communication tool.

Special Session: Innovation Infrastructures


Peter Marks
Design Insight

First, the Web and “information highway” would change everything. Then, with the bust...? Today, we’re left with a foggy view of what the Net will mean to our work, careers, companies... even our values and culture. What are the pitfalls, beyond the usual complaints about spam, viruses, and security? What are the opportunities, beyond the usual hype about “virtual teaming” and “collaboration”? 

We'll examine the future of the Net as the infrastructure for work;  based primarily on principles of human interaction.   We’re calling it “infrastructure” because getting it right will be the next source of competitive advantage for engineers, their companies, vendors, and even nations. As a modest example, given functional parity between the top CAD companies, their source of competitive advantage is becoming the relative strength and loyalty of their extended communities.

Among the topics:

- Unintended problems with moving work to the Net. 
- Unintended opportunities with Net-based work
- Why Net-based “communities” may displace Web sites and domains as a source of competitive advantage
- The basics of creating a vibrant Web-based community.

We’ll keep this informal. Lots of information, but also lots of interaction and discussion.

6:00 -
Business Reception and Technology Suite Open House 

Meet the vendors that make COFES possible. Technology Suites have been set up for you to discuss corporate direction, business development, and potential partnerships. They are NOT demo rooms—the vendors are here to talk, not sell. This is your opportunity to sign up for appointment time slots.

Music, hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.

COFES2006 Opening Intro 

Welcome, introductions, orientation, and schedule.

8:00 -
Welcome Reception

Bring your spouse* and join all COFES attendees and sponsors for this afternoon social. 

Music, hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.

*Guests of COFES Attendees must be registered and have paid a supplemental registration fee in order to attend this event