COFES 2009

COFES 2009: Slipstreaming Innovation into the Mainstream

Sustainably Innovation is the lifeblood of engineering-based businesses. Yet only large enterprises even take a stab at formal innovation processes, and only few of them. Most companies do not approach innovation as a corporate challenge; it's just part of the work flow, and we hope for the best.

Competitively, there are signs that business can no longer afford to ignore one of the most important factors in competitiveness.

At the same time, the pressures of global climate change are upon us. These additional constraints are challenging all companies, and are themselves demanding greater innovation.

At COFES 2009, we are asking: How can innovation become part of standard operating procedures for the bulk of engineering-related firms--not just the big ones or the pioneers? What are some of the best practices being applied by leaders?

Let's meet face-to-face and discuss these critical issues. We're all in this together.


COFES 2010 was held at
The Scottsdale Plaza Resort