The DaS Symposium at COFES 2013

The DaS Symposium at COFES 2013
April 11-14, 2013
Scottsdale, Arizona

The Design and Sustainability (DaS) Symposium is a leadership exploration of the future of design and sustainability software for sustainable products, infrastructure, and environments.

COFES is a unique gathering of leaders representing diverse industry sectors with strategic interest in software. The DaS Symposium exists within that community to focus on sustainability. It reaches across disciplines and industries as it explores solutions to the sustainability challenge.

The goal of the DaS Symposium is to bring sustainability to the forefront of the conversation among software developers and to look for opportunities and issues that may be best served by the industry as a whole, rather than by individual players within the industry. We hope to inspire, raise awareness, build relationships and seek sustainable synergies.

Founding members of The DaS Symposium include Autodesk, buildingSMART Alliance, CIFE, Cyon Research, Gensler, PTC, Siemens, SolidWorks, and Sustainable Minds.

The bulk of the DaS Symposium will take place on Thursday, April 11, from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM PDT, followed by a Roundtable discussion on Saturday as part of the general COFES program. We will begin posting an agenda for the event shortly.

Videos of the 2012 DaS Symposium are viewable at no charge. You may also look at last year's agenda for reference.

DaS Symposium 2013 will include presentations from and discussions led by:

  • Bill Boswell, Senior Director, Partner Strategy, Siemens PLM Software
  • Brad Holtz, Chairman, The Center for Understanding Change
  • Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research
  • Chris De Neef, Founder, Fast Track Consulting
  • Ken Hall, Director, Sustainable Design Systems, Gensler
  • Paul Shahriari, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Sustainability, SmartBIM
  • Prasad Boradkar, Co-Director & Project Leader, Arizona State University
  • Ric Chin, Director of Product Innovation, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
  • Robert 'Doc' Hall, Chairman, The Compression Institute
  • Robert Neches, Director of the Office of Incisive Analysis, IARPA
  • Scott Brinks, President, Trans-Trade
  • Terry Swack, CEO & Founder, Sustainable Minds

Thursday, April 11
8:30 AM Introduction
The domain and framework for the 2013 DaS Symposium
9:00 AM Context, Awareness, and Visibility
Before making decisions on sustatainablilty, the broader context of the decision must be considered.
  • The basis for understanding that broader context must begin with STEM education
  • The broader context must include the extended supply chain
  • It must also include usecase and end of life
  • The impact of the decision on other areas must also be considered
10:00 AM Trends and their Drivers
The weather is driven by many factors; The economy is driven by others. Demographics, population growth, resource constraints—all have interelated factors that drive the direction and strength of thrends. Decisions must be considered in the context of the trends and the drivers shaping trends.
11:00 AM Decisions
Design and engineering can all be thought of as a set of decisions. Decisions are the dials that we have control over. Some can impact trends and drivers.
12:00 Lunch Keynote: Robert Neches, Director of the Office of Incisive Analysis, IARPA—Engineering Resilient Systems
 Before jumping into his new role this march, Bob was formerly the Director of Advanced Engineering Initiatives for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
1:15 PM Tools
What is special about the DaS Symposium community is that we build the tools that designers and engineers use to make decisions with. Within our community, we have the platform to change the thinking of those that make design decisions. What are have we done with that power so far? Where are the opportunities from here?
2:45 PM Close and join COFES Special Presentations starting at 3:00pm
Saturday, April 13
1:45 PM
Sustainability Roundtable Discussion
Participants in the DaS Symposium will collaborate to summarize the key points and take away from the DaS Symposium for socializing with the Congress at large.