Keeping Up - 7 Tips to Become an Effective Curator of Your Infosphere

Please write Joel Orr and suggest additions to this list.

  • 1. Define your goals – What’s important to you? What do you want to keep?
  • 2. Choose your sources; follow them – Think, “Who do I know that knows…?
  • 3. Select tools – See list below
  • 4. Learn skills – Google “curation”; “how to curate”
  • 5. Engage your practices – Build curation, as much as you want, into your day
  • 6. Review weekly; prune and add – Is my curation doing what I want? How to improve it?
  • 7. Keep going – Don’t stop; it doesn’t take long for your collection to gain in value


Keeping Up resources

Twitter feeds to follow (just a starter list):