COFES India Summit; Planning for India's Engineering Future

Nov 17th 18, 2006, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, India

Sixty-four participants from around the world will converge on New Delhi this November for a once-in-a-lifetime industry event - the COFES India Summit. This free, invitation-only, landmark event will shine a light on how the world’s engineering software community needs to address the engineering issues facing India.

Who Attends?

This event is modeled after the great European Summits in Physics and Chemistry at the turn of the last century. The COFES India Summit is the first step in bringing the unique COFES event to India, and will break ground on the issues that everyone needs to discuss, argue and solve. Attendees will be Chief Officers of manufacturing, engineering, architectural, and software development companies in India, who understand the needs that their businesses will face in the future. They will join with luminaries from around the world who develop, market and guide the engineering software and technology that are in use today – and in the future.

Why Attend?

The COFES India Summit marks the first meeting point between the executives of world’s largest software developers and the top leaders of the Indian engineering and technical community. 

The purpose of this landmark summit is to define the critical issues facing the engineering software industry within the specific context of India. The region has an increasingly critical role in the world economy and in the field of engineering particularly. At the same time, continued growth may encounter severe obstacles:

  • The world today faces a shortage of engineers, architects, and designers. While much is being done to fill that void within a generation, what can India do to continue to supply those needs globally?
  • Engineering services is at the elbow of a "hockey-stick" growth curve – a critical time to examine the tools needed to support that growth.
  • Even with the positive economic situation in India, the country must still invest significantly in infrastructure and have the political will to maintain it in years to come. How can it do that?

    Who are the luminaries?

    32 world leaders in engineering software are coming to India to meet with 32 of India’s leading manufacturers, architects, software developers and press to jointly shed light on/make sense of the needs of India of engineering software.

    Industry leaders from major software companies including SolidWorks, Dassault, Cyon Research, Cambashi and more will be attending.

    What is the Outcome?

    The COFES India Summit represents the kick-off of a collaborative examination and a refinement of issues in a year-long effort to build a community between software vendors and customers in India. The issues raised at the COFES India Summit will have been clearly refined and contextualized—and the participants will be primed for action at an unprecedented level.

    Through blogs, newsletters, and a wiki, I-Summit participants will communicate and collaborate with those who will be attending COFES and COFES-India, creating a virtual community with enormously exciting intellectual and commercial potential.

    What is COFES?

    Cyon Research Corporation’s groundbreaking symposium, the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software -- more commonly known as COFES -- has been the most important gathering place for the engineering software industry since 2000. Each year, 275 industry leaders, users, vendors, executives, consultants, and press;meet and share their insights.

    More than any lecture series or trade conference, COFES accommodates a relaxed, honest, and intelligent conversation about the future of our industry. COFES builds an invaluable commodity called community; from which both new ideas and bold actions naturally spring forth.

    Now COFES is coming to India.

    A similar and successful one-day conference in 1999, the Summit on the Future of Engineering Software, laid the groundwork for the tradition of COFES conference, and we expect that the I-Summit will be the starting point of a recurring exchange of ideas.

    Both summits are modeled after the great European summits in chemistry and physics at the beginning of the 20th century, which defined the research agenda for years to come and wielded great influence in shaping the thinking of the day.


The COFES India Summit was held at the Hyatt Regency, New Delhi