COFES Israel Forum

on Software for Innovation and Sustainable Design
for Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, and Industry

December 16, 2010; Hilton Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv, Israel

Participants from around the world converged on Tel Aviv to participate in the COFES Israel Forum. This by-invitation-only, landmark event shined a light on how the world’s engineering software community can accelerate the execution of innovation and sustainable design to meet global demand.

The COFES Israel Forum focuses on Israel's role as a world leader in innovation. The event was modeled after our annual spring COFES in Arizona, but with a slightly different format and focus. In addition to presentations by Cyon Research and other leading analysts, the program  included presentations and Q&A from senior industry leaders of the design software industry to discuss their vision and thoughts on future directions. The idea was to shine a light on areas where there is a significant opportunity for innovation, particularly with respect to design and with respect to sustainability.

The COFES Israel Forum represents the kick-off of a collaborative examination and a refinement of issues in an effort to build a community to leverage innovation within Israel.


Registration and meet your hosts

Attire for COFES Israel is business casual (no suits, no ties)  

Opportunities for Innovation, part 1

Presentations from:

  • Introduction — Joel Orr, Chief Visionary, Cyon Research (USA)
  • Fostering Innovation — Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation (ISRAEL)
  • The International Software Market — Michael Morein, Senior Consultant, Cambashi (UNITED KINGDOM)
  • Innovation — Chris De Neef, Managing Director, Fast Track Consulting (BELGIUM)

Hosted networking break
Opportunities for Innovation, part 2

Presentations from:

  • Tal Weiss, Site R&D Director, Autodesk (ISRAEL)
  • Zvi Feuer, Vice-President, Industry Business Group, Siemens PLM Software (ISRAEL)
  • Andreas Vlahinos, Principal, Advanced Engineering Solutions

Hosted networking lunch
Opportunities for Innovation, part 3

Presentations from:

  • Meg Selfe, Vice President, Rational Software, IBM (USA)
  • Ping Fu, CEO, Geomagic (USA)
  • Allan Behrens, Managing Director, Taxal

Hosted networking break
Opportunities for Innovation, part 4

Presentations from:

  • Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice President, PTC (USA)
  • Fielder Hiss, Vice President of Product Management, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks (USA)
  • Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research (USA)
  • Design and Sustainability — Brad Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research, (USA)


Key participants included:

COFES Israel broke ground on issues that everyone needs to discuss, argue, and solve. Attendees included chief officers of manufacturing, engineering, architectural, and software development companies in Israel, who understand the needs that their businesses will face in the future. They joined with the technology elite from around the world who develop, market and guide the engineering software and technology that are in use today – and in the future.

  • Senior executives and experts from leading providers in the field of BIM/CAD/CAE/DP/PLM
  • Senior executives from Israeli manufacturing, construction, and industrial organizations
  • Analysts, media, and representatives from academia and government

These key leaders were among those that participatee in the event:

  • Abraham Nagavkar, CIO, Bateman
  • Adam Magen, Director Infrastructure & Technologies, Siemens PLM Software
  • Adi Eyal, CEO and Managing Director, One1
  • Alex Tsechansky, General Manager, ITI Proficiency
  • Allan Behrens, Managing Director, Taxal
  • Anat Fisher, Professor, Technion
  • Andreas Vlahinos, Principal, Advanced Engineering Solutions
  • Andy Sherlock, CEO, ShapeSpace
  • Ariel Hadar, Channel Business Development Manager, PTC
  • Arik Shibi, Technology Manager, Architecture & Building, Omnitech
  • Avner Ben Bassat, President, Plataine
  • Benny Shimon, Technology Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, Omnitech
  • Brad Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research
  • Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice-President, Product Development, PTC
  • Chris De Neef, Owner, Fast Track Consulting
  • Daniela Paz, Director for PLM Information Systems MCAD/ECAD, Rafael Advance Defense Systems
  • David Levin, CEO, LEDAS
  • David Segal, Director, Industrial Equipment Market Development, Dassault Systemes
  • Dmitry Popov, Deputy Director, Nanosoft
  • Dudi Peer, MCAD Manager, HP (ECI Telecom)
  • Eitan Carmi, , Siemens PLM Software
  • Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation
  • Eldad Sayada, CEO, Widetech Integrated Systems
  • Eran Naveh, Software Group Manager, Objet Geometries
  • Eyal Nir, CEO, ParaCloud
  • Fielder Hiss, Vice-President, Product Management, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
  • Gili Golani, Director, Product Management, Cimatron
  • Haim Mizrahi, Vice-President, Ordinance Division, Rafael Advance Defense Systems
  • Hemy Miller, CTO & Business Development Manager, Omnitech
  • Ilan Israel, Autodesk Division Manager, Omnitech
  • Ilan Sidi, CTO, Graffiti
  • Israel Gatt, Managing Director, Data Systems Designers
  • Joel Orr, Vice-President and Chief Visionary, Emeritus, Cyon Research
  • Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research
  • Kalman Wilner, Vice-President R&D and Engineering, Optimet
  • Kathleen Maher, Editor-in-Chief, Jon Peddie Research
  • Limor Nakar, Director, U.S. Business Development & BIRD Energy, BIRD Foundation
  • Mark Lefebvre, Marketing Director, IBM Rational Software, IBM
  • Meg Selfe, Vice-President, Rational Complex & Embedded Systems, IBM
  • Meir Davidovich, Managing Director, Data Systems Designers
  • Meir Weiss, CEO, ITibam
  • Michael Brook, Senior Vice-President, Engineering Desktop Product Development, PTC
  • Michael Reitman, Vice-President, Engineering and R&D, PTC
  • Michael Sirota, Head Mechanical Engineering Group, TAT Technologies
  • Michal Barak, Technology Manager, Geospatial & Civil Engineering, Omnitech
  • Miki Morein, Senior Consultant, Cambashi
  • Moshe Shpitalni, Professor, Technion
  • Naotake Kakishita, President & CEO, Kubotek USA
  • Natan Elsberg, CEO, RDV Systems
  • Nimrod Zehavi, Managing Partner, RDV Systems
  • Nir Brav, Vice-President, Israeli Operations and Financial Management, PTC
  • Nitzan Sapir, Chairman of the Board, One1
  • Oded Leventer, Managing Director, Systematics Technologies
  • Ofer Spottheim, Country Manager, KollabNet
  • Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO, Inforbix
  • Paul Stallings, Vice-President of Research & Development, Kubotek
  • Ping Fu, CEO, Geomagic
  • Rami Noach, PDM & CAD Team Leader, Orbotech
  • Roy Sterenthal, Vice-President Research and Development, Cimatron
  • Shlomo Sivan, CEO, Sivan Design
  • Sky Matthews, Director, Development, IBM Rational Software
  • Tal Weiss, R&D Site Manager, Autodesk Israel
  • Yaron Livnat, Director, Israel Ministry of Defense - Mantak
  • Yaron Rosenbaum, General Manager, Cordys Israel
  • Yaron Zipori, R&D Data Management, PLM, Engineering Processes, Rafael Advance Defense Systems
  • Yitzhak Daniel, CEO, Optimet
  • Yoram Reich, Professor, Tel Aviv University
  • Yoram Shechner, MCAD Manager, Rafael Advance Defense Systems
  • Ze'ev Kroizman, CEO, McKit Systems Ltd.
  • Ziv Belfer, Senior Vice-President, PTC
  • Zvi Feuer, Vice-President, Industry Business Group, Siemens PLM Software
  • Zvi Grinberg, CEO, CALIBER Engineering and Computers
  • Zvi Valk, CAD/CAE Manager, Israel Electric


The COFES Israel Forum is a key meeting point between the Executives of world’s largest software developers and the top leaders of the Israeli engineering and technical community.

The purpose of the forum is to discuss the critical issues facing the engineering software industry within the specific context of Israel. The COFES Israel Forum, brings senior executives from firms in manufacturing, construction, and design together with their peers from the software community who create, develop, and support the tools necessary for design and engineering to discuss innovation in the face of the current economic situation (both globally and within Russia and the CIS), and key problems common within and among BIM/CAD/CAE/DP/ PLM, market situation and formulate forecasts for the next 5-6 years, and business opportunities advantageous both for customers and providers. Israel plays an increasingly critical role in the world technical economy and in the field of engineering particularly.

Objectives covered at COFES:

  • Understand the global and local market dynamics for design and engineering software
  • Explore opportunities for innovation in the context of design and engineering
  • Explore the leverage for enabling sustainability by focusing on opportunities to embed sustainability into projects at the design stage
  • Discuss likely scenarios for the future of the industry and explore actions to address the scenarios
  • Share recent innovations in the market

What is COFES?

Cyon Research Corporation’s groundbreaking symposium, the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software -- more commonly known as COFES -- has been the most important gathering place for the engineering software industry since 2000. Each year, 275 industry leaders, users, vendors, Executives, consultants, and press meet and share their insights.

More than any lecture series or trade conference, COFES accommodates a relaxed, honest, and intelligent conversation about the future of our industry. COFES builds an invaluable commodity called community; from which both new ideas and bold actions naturally spring forth.

COFES was founded on the idea that one-on-one interaction and the building of community are the most valuable functions of an industry forum. COFES eschews the distractions of a trade show floor and the formality of executive presentations for a comfortable atmosphere of large and small group discussions with the most influential players and most innovative minds of the software world.

COFES is recognized around the world as the one place where leading thinkers and practitioners from the community of users and vendors of software for design and engineering (BIM/CAD/CAE/DP/PLM/PM/PPM, etc.) can interact in intellectually vigorous conversations, without their sales and marketing hats on.

COFES is an annual event owned by Cyon Research Corporation, a think-tank consulting group focusing on strategic issues of the software industry for design and engineering. Cyon Research has been bringing the unique vision of COFES to a select group of international venues where they believe there is a significant opportunity for the event to trigger a leap forward for the industry. This COFES Israel Forum follows in the footsteps of the 2006 COFES India Summit and the September 2010 COFES Russia Forum.

Participation in COFES Israel Forum is by invitation only. If you would like to be considered for an invitation to the event, please fill the form at A detailed description of expected participation is shown below.

Presentations and recordings from the event will be made available to the attendees shortly after the event.


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