C3D Labs Customer Meeting at COFES Russia

May 30th, 2013
St. Petersburg, Peterhof

Potential C3D kernel customers are invited to special event, where you can hear about C3D history, our development team and our plans for next years.

Hear case studies from our customers, see their products built on C3D, and share their experience in work with ASCON. Our partners will show solutions that help build great 3D systems easier and faster.

The entire event will be open for discussions.

About C3D Labs...

The C3D Customer meeting will take place on Thursday, May 30th, from 9:30 to 13:00.

The C3D Labs Customer Meeting will include presentations from and discussions led by:

  • Ken Versprille
  • Oleg Zykov, C3D Product Director, C3D Labs, ASCON
  • Nikolai Golovanov, Head of C3D Development, C3D Labs, ASCON
  • Yuri Kozulin, Head of C3D Modeler Development, C3D Labs, ASCON
  • Alexander Maximenko, Head of C3d Solver Development, C3D Labs, ASCON
  • Andrey Lovygin, CEO, LO CNITI
  • Pavel Bunakov, Software Engineer, Bazis-Center
  • Fabien Chauviré, Vice President, Sales, Redway3D
  • Alexey Ershov, CEO, LEDAS
  • Sergey Koshevoy, Head of Development, Rubius

Thursday, May30th
9:30 Ken Versprille
C3D's Path into the Kernel Market
9:45 Background
ASCON's Kernel history and C3D Labs team today. (Zykov)
10:00 C3D Gemoetric Kernel
Modeler, Solver, Converter: functionality, C3D V14 features, development plans. (Golovanov, Kozulin, Maximenko)
10:45 Break & Discussions
11:00 Andrey Lovygin
ESPRIT Extra CAD - First product based on C3D Kernel
11:15 Pavel Bunakov
C3D prospects for VAZIS furniture CAD
11:30 Fabien Chauviré
RedSDK Bridge for the C3D Geometric Kernel
11:45 Alexey Ershov
Integration and application development on the basis of C3D
12:00 Sergey Koshevoy
Successful cooperation with ASCON
12:15 Q&A